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Dynamic Website Add information, pictures, videos, etc. to your website without the help of your web designer. helps to add. You do not need to contact your web designer to use it on your website. You can make/delete/edit many pages and attachments. You can simply state your site's position.
Dynamic websites are like the software developed by a web programmer or according to your needs. It is a bit expensive with a static website.
The key to accessing a technology database is to create web pages based on web design. One approach to do this is to create dynamic web pages based on changes each time required. For example, a page can be accessed by the time of day, by visiting the webpage, or by the user's contact type. Dynamic web design can be achieved using a server-side script or another side script.
The server-side script allows you to execute the script on the web server required for dynamic web pages. It is used to provide interactive websites that interact with the user database or other databases. The main advantage of this is that the server-side has a high level of individual ability to respond based on the requirements of the script users, access rights, or requests to the database.
Scripts in the client-side script are managed by a web browser that looks inside JavaScript or any other script. The web browser downloads the web page changes from the server processes the code entered into the web page and then updates it.
The most useful feature of the Web Design dynamic approach is that the use of the HTML interface of the page programs (known as the Page Management System) can be effectively managed. Unlike static websites, which require you to access each page to change the web programmer, the website administrator can access the management tool to update the website.
The main advantage of dynamic sites is that by adding to them, you can get additional products.
The database connection is managed so that you can also create a program management system - this is to create the ability to add and manage a series of management web-based management pages. This can be text to go with the text for their pages and images or add attachments, specifications, short and long descriptions, pictures, and more. may contain elements in the manufacture of the product. In either case, it can be simple or complex. requires a lot.
There are little or no ongoing costs unless there is a change in the basic design or an extra capability added.
Who can Use Static Website Design: 
  • Landing pages.
  • Documentation websites.
Who can Use Dynamic Website Design: 
  • Business website.
  • Marketing websites.
  • Blogging Sites.
  • News Sites.
  • e-Commerce Websites.
  • Social Media Sites.

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