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A static Website is suitable for you, If you don't or rarely need changes in your web pages. You can't run any web application on a Static website. Static web page are made in HTML & CSS ends with .html 

A static web page is an HTML page that is provided to the user as it is saved on the web server. A static web page provides the same amount of information to all users even though the level of a visitor as each page is coded in plain HTML. Though today's servers can provide different language options to users depending upon the location of the user, the actual content remains the same.

Static pages are simple HTML pages saved on the server as plain HTML files and are delivered to the user as HTTP requests. Users make the requests to the server with the page URL and the formatted HTML content is delivered to the user's machine.

Static sites are the most basic type of websites and are generally quite cheaper to develop. As they are simple text pages, the size of each page is relatively small, and the whole website consumes quite less space and thus lowering the hosting cost.

Static websites require an expert in web development to update the web content. This means you need a permanent Static website designer to update your website.

Static websites are easy to create & cheap. Design is what makes your site look different from the crowd of your competitors. To design a custom website for personalized and you will have a unique graphic design solution that will help you get your visitors to influence the election design.

We offer website designs high-quality customs and other related services at a very affordable price. Our packages are specially formatted for your small business website up and running quickly, without breaking the bank.

Our custom website design and illustration of the new logo are created with passion, intelligence, and an eye on industry trends. Whatever your needs, we are confident that our website and logo design will delight your friends and customers.

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